Webster's rating suggests collaboration between XRP and XLM

Weiss Ratings, a cryptocurrency rating agency, posted a tweet suggesting that the XRP community could gain more satisfaction by transitioning to Stellar (XLM). It said that although XLM is behind in adoption, it has a "technical advantage." "Some people say that the transition to Xllar community to Stellar (XLM) is more meaningful than XRP, but XRP is leading in adoption. If the XRP community moves to XLM, the adoption gap will shrink. Will you pass?"
The XRP community has questioned this. They even suspect the credibility of the data used by Webster's rating. The Webster's rating explains, "XLM is structured in such a way that once it is adopted, it can create a completely decentralized network. XRP always needs a central coordinator to reach consensus, which is the same model that Libra uses."