Your pet grooming new skills! Freely monetize all your assets with MoA

Do you have a pet? You want to use your grooming skills in some way, but the process seems to be daunting? do not worry. Revenue through MoA! Digitize your pet grooming skills so they can trade. MoA allows you to send and receive different digital assets, including personal tokens between MoA users.
With MoA, you can tag your assets in two steps:
1. Fill in a simple form.
2. Click Create.
You're done! Want to try it? Below is a link to MoA. Psst! MoA is now integrated into Dorothy. If you have a Dorothy account, you can log in to MoA with the same ID/PW. Come and tokenize your outstanding skills and see what it will look like!
MoA: MoA.Network
Dorothy: Dorothy.Network