Wuzhen site 丨 Decred Chinese community leader: PoW and PoS hybrid mechanism can better compensate for the shortcomings of the two mechanisms

Babbitt's live report, November 8th, #2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen # officially opened at Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center. In this afternoon's "Digital Assets: Birth, Deduction and Evolution" theme forum, Decold Chinese community leader Dominic said that both POW and POS itself have drawbacks. The typical example of POW is to use Bitcoin as an example. In our observations, in the Bitcoin community, Bitcoin users actually have no power in the community. Bitcoin Core developers will not follow the user's advice and will only develop according to their own community philosophy. The power of the miners is also very large. It has the power to issue bitcoin, and it also has the power to trade, giving the user the power to buy and sell only. The general meaning of POS is more serious. Now it is through the pledge of the currency, and then build a node, which will cause the rich to have more right to speak. There may not be much thought about the future direction of the chain, but it can't stand people. rich. Using the hybrid consensus mechanism of POW+POS, the whole chain can be safely maintained under the support of the mining machine, and the power can be returned to the user through the POS voting mode. A hybrid mechanism will better compensate for the shortcomings of the two mechanisms.