Yang Jinyan, General Manager of Firecoin Labs: The current blockchain game track faces survival problems, and practitioners need to think in multiple dimensions.

On November 8, 2019, the second World Blockchain Conference was held in Wuzhen. In the "Change and Innovation" game sub-forum sponsored by the ZBT game community, C5GAME, and the chain fish fish, Yang Jinyan, general manager of the Firecoin Labs, briefly listed several factors that hinder the further development of the blockchain game industry, including: user experience. Poor; DApp day is not high; user demand is difficult to refine, speculative players; the regulatory compliance issues brought by the gambling games and the imperfect design of the token economic model.
At the same time, he also started from multiple dimensions, and put forward some thoughts for blockchain game practitioners, such as: the user demand mining is biased towards gameplay or asset-oriented; from the traditional game user group or from the blockchain user group Power; overseas market priority or domestic market priority. He said that blockchain games have always been the focus of the entrepreneurial track of the fire coins labs. After the speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the development of the blockchain industry, the blockchain industry will usher in better development opportunities and look forward to more Entrepreneurs join the blockchain venture camp of Fire Bank Labs to explore the future of the blockchain.