Wuzhen scene is more than the original chain Li Zongcheng: the original chain fund will open the campaign MOV federal node

Babbitt's live report, November 8th, #2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen # officially opened at Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center. In the "Keep MOVing" special event than the original chain, the original chain CFO Li Zongcheng said that the overall structure is the main chain + side chain + cross-chain, the main chain is responsible for asset generation, and the side chain is mainly responsible for asset circulation. The efficiency is improved, and the cross-chain is mainly responsible for accessing multiple assets, which is more than the layout of the original asset generation and diversified asset circulation. Advantages of the MOV cross-chain solution: First, multiple sign + threshold. At present, a single federated node in MOV manages a single asset cross-chain, and will subsequently open up a federated node that manages multi-agent management to manage multi-chain assets.