Chinese and foreign experts focus on blockchain tax "China sample"

The China International Taxation Research Institute and the Global Tax Policy Research Center of the Vienna University of Economics jointly held the International Symposium on Blockchain Technology Application and Taxation Management in Hangzhou today. Chinese and foreign experts focused on the tax development practice of China's blockchain and jointly proposed to further apply blockchain technology to taxation and accelerate the modernization of taxation governance system and taxation capacity. Among them, Li Wei, deputy director of the Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation, shared the results of the application of blockchain invoices in Shenzhen. He pointed out that blockchain technology has broken through the requirements of traditional invoices for clients and tax control equipment, and no longer limits the amount of votes and votes, and more effectively avoids virtual invoicing, false invoices, over-reporting, and false reporting. The risk of returning the invoice to the source of the business activity voucher.