Wuzhen Scene | Roundtable Views: Investment Trends of “Game Blockchain”

On November 8, 2019, the second World Blockchain Conference was held in Wuzhen. In the “Change and Innovation” game sub-forum sponsored by the ZBT game community and C5GAME, a number of domestic and international industry giants launched a roundtable discussion on the “investment trend of game + blockchain”. Founder Wang Jialun served as the moderator.

Speaking of the trend of blockchain games in Japan, Japan's HashPort CEO Yoshida Expo summarized it as three points: 1. Many traditional game companies have begun to investigate chain tours, and there may be big companies to enter next year; 2. The whole The chain travel market is forming a community to jointly make the cake bigger; 3. The rise of digital asset investors.

Chang Sheng, director of overseas investment of Electric Soul Network, pointed out that not all assets need to be on the chain, and small-category games may take the lead in breaking through. Ren Yi, a partner of the Consensus Lab, believes that the combination of blockchain and games is currently going on, basically around the gambling and asset trading classes, but still optimistic about its future development, virtual prop trading is still valuable.

Guo Haibin, Chairman of Actoz Soft, is pessimistic about the development of the current blockchain game. He believes that the formation of consensus still needs to be preached.

Tan Xiaozhi, the founding capital partner, said that the game track has always been their investment of choice, given that the game is enduring, coupled with its asset tradable lines.

DFG Crypto partner Ni Kuang believes that based on the current user volume and infrastructure construction, puzzles, sports quiz, games like Monopoly will be the most worthwhile game.