Wuzhen·Beyond the original chain CEO Lang Yu: Heavy gold started MOV ecological construction, this will be the first distributed blockchain business ecology

On November 8, the 2019 World Blockchain Conference hosted by Babbitt, Wuzhen, officially opened at the Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center. In the special event "Keep MOVing" than the original chain, I shared the theme with the original chain CEO.

The following content is from Langyu sharing, organized by Babbitt.

Lang Yu

Stable operation for 2 years, the main, side, cross-development direction can not solve the triangle problem

At the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, we talked about stability, security and prosperity.

We have all achieved it. At present, the chain has been running for nearly two years than the original chain, and the side chain has been running smoothly for three and a half months. Without a stable system, it is impossible to have a stable application. Last year, our computing power got rid of the influence of GPU and entered a stable development stage, and the wallet client did not appear to be in a loss situation. Our developer community has produced a published technical interpretation book. We have also joined the big technology community of golang. In terms of government and business applications, we have also entered a better state.

Technically, we have implemented the side chain Vapor, perfected the BAP-2 based on the blockchain asset agreement than the original chain, and landed the Bystack Baas platform for cooperation with the bodybuilding Internet company. The next generation of de-centered cross-chain Layer 2 value exchange protocol MOV was released.

These, in the end, form the development direction of the main chain, the side, and the cross, so as to solve the problem that the blockchain cannot be triangular.

More powerful than the four dimensions of the original chain, helping China to occupy the global blockchain industry highland

When BAT companies enter the blockchain, will startups with insufficient capital and manpower be destroyed? I think this is not a problem for us.

We believe that the alliance chain is more suitable to support economic construction, but it should also support the public chain. In the end, the public chain and the alliance chain will be combined and have their own advantages over the original chain.

First, we are on the public track, this is the beginning of the project, the chain path of the public chain and the giants choose the chain path is completely different. We will adhere to a multi-sided architecture, and all projects will advance the maturity of this architecture.

Second, self-controllable. We know that the alliance chain technology used by many large organizations comes from overseas technologies such as Fabric, which makes it very uncontrollable. And all the code, algorithms, and intellectual property rights are mastered by our team.

Third, team strength. Compared with the original team, it is the closest combination of production, education and research in the domestic public chain team. From technology research and development, product landing to application to industry, our strong team continues to advance the three forwards.

Fourth, global compliance. We believe that no single project can develop smoothly under the policy of resistance and supervision. There is a complete and compliant plan than the original chain. For example, we took the lead in realizing the information filing of Bystack in China, and participated in the formulation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Zhejiang Province blockchain standards. We also obtained the lawyer's certificate of non-securities Token abroad. This is the result of our efforts in global compliance.

Domestic re-emergence, foreign heavy technology competition, based on the original chain to China, look to the world

In the future, all blockchains will have to land. And than the original chain will be based in China, look at the world, adhere to two legs to walk.

First, based on the Baas platform Bystack, it actively responds to the domestic policy of landing the industrial blockchain and continuously promotes the application of the original chain in the industrial sector. Our main direction is for enterprise-level applications, perhaps enterprise-level Baas applications, and some government systems, for example, to help the government system to achieve data transmission or data deposit security by outputting a multi-party solution.

Second, it is necessary to participate in international competition than the original chain. Simply doing the alliance chain may eventually lag behind in the international arena. For us, we want the domestic public chain to gain a dominant position in international competition. The solution we give is Bytom MOV, which is based on the main sidechain architecture of Bystack. The next-generation de-centered cross-chain Layer 2 value exchange protocol consists of three core modules: the value exchange engine Magnet, the Center-to-Center Cross-Link Gateway (OFMF) and the Layer 2 High-Speed ​​Sidechain (Vapor).

The public chain can not only rely on the system reward, but will start the MOV eco-building than the original chain.

MOV will be a relatively large landing direction we are going to release today. We believe that MOV may be the first self-sufficient distributed blockchain business ecosystem.

On Bitcoin, the miners care about the bitcoin rewards for mining. But for the blockchain, to really run it, you can't just rely on system rewards. You have to let the system generate some economic profits, and finally distribute it to the participating economies, which will make the whole system run indefinitely.

MOV is a project that can bring profits to the system. This is a direction that is better than the original chain foundation. We will invest a very large sum of money to start this project to help the MOV ecological cold start.

You may have questions. What are the benefits of comparing these with the original holder?

The blockchain creates a new type of economic model, and we want to benefit all the players in the ecology in order to make this economy bigger. The profits and revenues of the entire ecosystem are the result of the collaboration of the various economies. We can guarantee that the benefits generated by the final system will be attributed to the entire community and belong to all the original chain holders.

MOV becomes, BTM will become.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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