Yi Xianrong, a professor at Qingdao University: The emergence of technological innovations such as blockchain has enabled humans to improve their ability to process data.

On November 9, Yi Xianrong, a professor at the School of Economics of Qingdao University, published the article "Developing the Digital Economy and Realizing the High-quality Development of China's Economy" in the Securities Daily. The article stated that (Xi Jinping's speech) why will the development of blockchain technology be raised to such a height? Because, at present, human beings are experiencing an unprecedented scientific and technological revolution. The foundation of this scientific and technological revolution is the rapid development of computer technology and the emergence of the mobile Internet, which has led to many subversive technological innovations. It can be said that the emergence of these technological innovations not only comprehensively impacts all aspects of human social life, but also allows data to grow rapidly with non-linear geometric progression or the emergence of massive data, so that human ability to process data is comprehensively improved.