The wind of digital assets "hot" has quietly blown into the liquor sales industry.

A few days ago, the "China Business News" reporter noted that there are sales platforms that use the blockchain concept to promote sales. The sales platform will receive digital assets based on blockchain technology for the purchase of liquor and tea, while the digital assets can be added to promote the liquor and tea products. "1200 yuan to buy two bottles of Tianchao wine tasting and 55 VIP pass, 3600 yuan 165 VIP pass …" There are consumers on the online feedback, after the introduction to understand the appreciation of the nobles, from November 2017 is the market value of 3 Yuan/a, as of April 2018, has risen to 70 yuan, rising every day. The rule is that only 10% of the total (from the total number of VIPs) is released for trading.