Tunisian central bank digital currency enters test phase

According to TASS report on November 8, the Central Bank of Tunisia will be the first central bank to issue digital currency. The “E-dinar” was launched in the form of a test at the Tunisian Foreign Exchange Club for financial activities in Tunisia. The Tunisian Central Bank Governor Marouane El Abassi and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) representatives presented a digital dinars transfer operation. The test is expected to run for at least a few months, E-dinar can be transferred between citizens, and stores, cafes and restaurants will accept the currency within a few months. The Tunisian central bank also plans to use it for cross-border payments to bypass the demand for the dollar. The CBDC will be distributed to consumers online and through the upcoming 2000 kiosks in Tunisia. Consumers can add money to their digital wallet through a browser application or a future mobile app. Transfers between individuals and businesses are done by scanning the QR code. Technology provider and the underlying blockchain platform Universa claim that this means that Tunisia is the first country to issue a central bank digital currency (CBDC).