Wu Xiao scene, Wu Xiao: Libra is not only a payment system, but the language is very strong.

Babbitt's live report, #2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen# Today's wonderful continues, sub-forum "Block Chain Events: New Hotspots and Explorers" officially opened. On the round table entitled "Opportunities and Challenges: Libra and Central Bank Digital Currency", Wu Xiao, founder of the Pure White Matrix, said that Libra can have some references, including many domestic alliance chains, for example, its innovation may Used in all the alliance chains in China. It is not only a payment system, but the language exploration is very strong. Not only are we doing tutorials, but many universities and domestic universities are studying. For Libra's further advancement, Hu Jie, a professor at Shanghai Jiaotong University's Shanghai Institute of Advanced Finance, believes that it is important for Libra to come up with a technical solution to ensure that tax issues in various countries are resolved and regulatory obstacles can be resolved. Cai Kailong, a financial commentator and senior researcher at the Institute of Financial Technology of Renmin University of China, suggested that Libra should be tried in a country and verified by facts.