Image Chain Technology Releases "Blockchain + Artificial Intelligence + IoT" Integrated Solution

On November 8th, the second world blockchain conference of “Application Unbounded” was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang. During the exhibition meeting of the conference, Xianglink Technology released the “blockchain+AI+IoT” integrated solution, through a A complete solution that integrates device data with smart contracts in the EleChain blockchain platform to build an end-to-end, secure, and automated IoT system platform that solves the current cloud-based IoT solution that cannot be extended and centralized Issues such as system security have become the focus of the "Application Unbounded" World Blockchain Conference Exhibition Conference.


In today's intelligent Internet of Things, smart cities, smart homes, there are still some bottlenecks in the field of civil Internet of things, such as lack of data security and privacy protection, cloud computing architecture and platform interoperability issues, etc., which has led to the development of civil Internet of Things. With certain restrictions, Image Chain Technology can effectively solve these pain points of the Internet of Things through the use of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

The overall architecture of the blockchain-based solution is divided into five layers: the object layer, the core layer, the service layer, the edge computing layer, and the application layer .


Technical highlights of the “chainchain technology + artificial intelligence + IOT “solution”:

1. EleChain Internet of Things Identity (DID)

The blockchain technology is used to identify the devices in the Internet of Things. The characteristics of the device identity that cannot be tampered by the DID technology in the solution will be the basis of the IoT business closed loop. Any value network, or a distributed network based on blockchain, the bottom layer is identity verification. In the world of Internet of Everything, the "device" must first give it an unchangeable and credible "identity."

By constructing a device identity management system based on blockchain as a back-office ledger system, it is possible to acquire and verify device identity in a blockchain smart contract consensus implementation and establish a mapping from the identity of the individual entity to the identity of the owned end device. The relationship, so that the authorization mode enables the device side to verify whether the identity of the requesting party has access rights, thereby realizing the two-way trusted and secure traceability verification between the device end and the user, which is of great significance for future human-machine integration.

2. Distributed distributed accounting system (DLT) of equipment

DLT makes IoT more transformative. It is the essence of the IoT data monetization model and creates a secure data exchange model for industrial data spaces.

Image Chain Technology leverages distributed ledger technology for distributed databases and devices, allowing manufacturers and service providers to enter an open ecosystem and create services that transform the hardware sales of IoT devices into hardware product services that link the digital society. The solution provides device manufacturers with an easy way to interoperate with third-party devices and applications and asset use of assets. In addition, they have the flexibility to define service plans that meet their business needs.

3. Ownership Confirmation (DPS) of device data

The asymmetric encryption algorithm of the blockchain is a set of methods for determining the ownership of digital ownership, and many algorithms for blockchain plus cryptography, which brings the second level of things – the privacy protection of device data. If the privacy protection of device data is not solved well, the data property rights cannot be confirmed naturally. Blockchain-based algorithms protect data privacy better. DPS is a general term for chain-based encryption algorithm technology, such as privacy protection like zero-knowledge proof, ciphertext data sharing based on homomorphic encryption, and data validation. Even safe multi-party calculations.

4, data storage trading market technology

Simply protecting data does not bring value, and the value of the data must be reflected in exchanges and transactions. Of course, without the blockchain-based cryptography algorithm as the basis, it is difficult for someone to be willing to share or exchange data with confidence, but like the chain technology has proved through a large number of cases that technology can determine the property rights of data.

In the era of the Internet of Things, equipment generates billions of data every second. It is a new era of oil that drives the development of the digital economy. It will also become a very large and very valuable capital market and financial market. A new class of financial assets. The business of the Internet of Things must be closed-loop. To be able to generate a company with a level of tens of billions of dollars and hundreds of millions of dollars, it is necessary to enter this cycle.

In this closed loop, the business logic must not lack the assetization of assets and the financialization of assets. The closed-loop business model of the Internet of Things must be the networking of devices -> dataization of the network -> assetization of data -> share of assets -> transactionization of shares -> financialization of transactions.

5, Internet of Things + artificial intelligence from perception to cognition

Elephant Chain Technology has a strong artificial intelligence technology gene. EleChain is a fusion of blockchain and AI technology, and is committed to building a new ecology of the future intelligent economy.

In the solution of the chain technology "blockchain + AI + IoT", in order to let the traditional IoT system evolve from "perception" to "cognition", artificial intelligence algorithms are added to the service layer. The original IoT is perception. For example, the original camera is just shooting video. Now when the video is added with artificial intelligence algorithms, it becomes visual. There is a process of classification and machine understanding for the captured data sets, which promotes the interconnection between devices. Better carrying work together greatly increases the ability of IoT data to expand. Image chain technology feels that through artificial intelligence plus IOT, there are great breakthroughs in virtual auditory systems, visual systems, including touch and motion systems.

“IoT is one of the blockchain application tracks that is very valued by the chain technology,” said Wang Tingting, chairman of Xiangxing Technology. “I hope we can work with the government and more IoT eco partners through the blockchain. Adding the Internet of Things to change the future industry will bring some new business opportunities and business value to the future industry. In the process of digital transformation of the industry, Image Chain Technology is willing to become a explorer, practitioner and enabler."