Bloomberg: The US Taxation Authority has identified dozens of encrypted tax evasion and cybercriminals

By Xiu MU

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According to Bloomberg News, the criminal department of the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) met with tax authorities in four other countries this week, saying it has identified "tens of" potential encrypted tax evasion and cybercriminals.


According to the report, members of the Global Tax Law Enforcement Association, composed of officials from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands, shared data, tools and tax enforcement strategies at the meeting to find new clues aimed at reducing cross-border money laundering. Tax evasion and cybercrime.

Ryan Korner, senior agent at the IRS Los Angeles Criminal Investigation Office, told reporters that the IRS cybercrime department has accumulated a lot of expertise in “finding funds transferers and where they go” because “we have tools that are six months or a year ago. No."

This work is part of the IRS's fight against tax evasion related to cryptocurrencies, as digital currencies have become more popular. As technology advances, the agency has been striving to enforce tax laws and keep pace with criminals in recent years.

The association said in a statement,

“Tax fraud is not a new crime, but in recent years, the complexity of tax fraud enforcement by criminals has increased dramatically. Data breaches, intrusions, hijackings and destruction are new tools used by criminals for tax crimes. ”

The IRS is currently preparing for a new cryptocurrency audit. The agency sent more than 10,000 letters earlier this year warning them that they might be punished for avoiding taxes on their virtual investments.

Korner also said that the US Internal Revenue Service and its partners are using data from previous law enforcement activities to find new criminals. By accessing data from five countries, they can gain a broader understanding of the links between accounts, money, and people.

The IRS also issued a tax guide last month telling virtual currency investors and their tax advisors how to report income.

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