The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a plan to support 17 projects including the blockchain industry in Hainan.

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Implementation Plan for Supporting the Construction of the Free Trade Zone in Hainan and the Free Trade Port with Chinese Characteristics." The "Implementation Plan" pointed out that it is necessary to support Hainan to expand international exchanges and cooperation, form a new open pattern, support Hainan's development of advantageous industries, support Hainan's improvement of information network infrastructure, and build a digital Hainan. From supporting Yangpu Development Zone to build a “digital free trade port” and supporting the development of blockchain industry, 17 specific projects will be launched to support the construction of Hainan Free Trade Zone and Free Trade Port. Support Hainan's development of blockchain industry, guide leading enterprises and research institutions in the blockchain field to Hainan, and carry out innovative practices in the development and application of blockchain. Encourage subordinate universities and research institutions to study and formulate blockchain standards for independent intellectual property rights in the State Key Laboratory of Blockchain Technology in Hainan Construction Zone, and carry out blockchain infrastructure construction and demonstration application engineering construction to promote industrial development through demonstration and application; The development of the aerospace industry, the construction of heavy-duty launch vehicle assembly, testing, testing and launching facilities in Hainan Wenchang, encourages Hainan enterprises to actively participate in the research and development of aerospace-related ancillary products, and promote the development of scientific research and equipment manufacturing in the aerospace field. Support the development of industrial integration.