Wuzhen Scene 丨Yoshida Expo: 2019 will become the beginning of the blockchain era

Babbitt's live report, #2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen# Today's wonderful continues, sub-forum "Block Chain Events: New Hotspots and Explorers" officially opened. At the round table on the topic "Seeing the global blockchain market," HashPortInc. CEO Yoshida World Expo said that China's blockchain industry will certainly lead in the future, including the blockchain industry in all the world, including Japan's blockchain industry. . I want to say this from two angles: First, from a policy perspective, when a certain policy has a direction for an industry, the industry will certainly succeed. In addition, from the perspective of investment, the ecology of China's blockchain has been perfected. It has a very good blockchain investment institution. It has many security agencies, many transactions, and other supporting facilities. In fact, many countries, including Japan, do not have such a complete industrial chain. In addition, he believes that 2019 will be the beginning of the blockchain era.