Wuzhen scene 丨Cocos-BCX promoter Chen Yuzhi: The problem of chain travel is currently in the absence of product form evolution

On November 9th, the 2019 World Blockchain Conference was held in Wuzhen. Cocos-BCX founder Chen Yuzhi said in the chain tour theme forum “Blockchain+Game: Virtual Game and Real World”, currently visible games and blocks. The combination of the chain lies in the NFT transaction. Only when the transaction is effective for a long time, and the flow of funds exists, the market will recognize it. At present, the problem of chain travel is that the evolution of product form is not in place. In addition, the arrival of 5G, the rise of streaming media entertainment, the combination of blockchain technology and games lies in settlement, revenue model, user behavior record and so on. And within two years, practitioners should be more concerned about whether users are getting more and more, and whether the big players who have the right to speak are pushing.