Wuzhen Scene, Tao Rongzhen: Finance is the most important application in the ten years since the birth of the blockchain

Babbitt's live report, #2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen# Today's wonderful continues, the sub-forum "Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Asset Trading" officially opened. X-Order.ai founder Tao Rongzhen said in his speech that smart contracts have stripped the word blockchain out of Bitcoin, allowing users to understand and apply blockchains with low barriers. He believes that finance is the most important application in the decade since the birth of the blockchain. Currency is the basic application, and securities are the upper-level application; open communities are the basis for the development of blockchain. Beginning in 2018, the United States is the protagonist of the blockchain world, which has a dominant position in regulatory power, financial support, entrepreneurial technology, pricing power, and pricing power.