Wuzhen on-site Li Li: Securities assets will meet the global asset explosion, the era of big circulation

Babbitt's live report, #2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen# Today's wonderful continues, the sub-forum "Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Asset Trading" officially opened. Li Lao, chief operating officer of Cocoa Finance, said in his speech that BTC, ETH and various public chains are the primary assets, and the investment in the original assets is actually in the investment chain project itself. Based on the blockchain technology, the Token tool is used to condense data, contributions, and equity into a protected, tradable value unit. This is a pass-through asset with three elements: encryption, equity, and tradability. The original and pass-through assets belong to angel investment, which is risky, while the securities assets are relatively less risky. In the data society of the future, securities assets will meet the era of global asset explosion and large circulation.