Wu Ting, the chief commercial officer of Quark Chain, Du Ting: A separate alliance chain is a retrogression, we need a network of alliances that can be interconnected.

Babbitt reported that the "2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen" hosted by Babbitt was held at the Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 8th to 9th. At the "New Potential, New Decade" theme forum on the afternoon of the 9th, QuintChain's chief business officer Du Ting said that the blockchain still faces insecurity, high participation costs, low performance and poor scalability. . If we want to build a truly high-performance public chain, or a blockchain that can be used, it is not necessarily a public chain, but a group of alliance chains can be combined to meet the needs of a specific industry. There are such performance requirements. We propose a heterogeneous alliance chain group. If a coalition chain is built in only one industry, it will often meet very limited applications. But our internet is connected. If once a separate coalition chain is established, it is actually a retrogression, so I propose to use a heterogeneous alliance chain group. How to do this? We propose a simple solution that requires two basic protocols: boson consensus, proof of pledge workload. There are four key attributes in the boson consensus: 1. Expandable blockchain fragmentation consensus, 2. Increase throughput by adding fragments or slice chains, 3. Upper chain provides full network security, 4. Each one Fragments can use heterogeneous consensus or different CIS models.