Singapore International Blockchain Center was formally established to boost the application of blockchain industry

On November 9th, Singapore International Blockchain Center (full name is Singapore International Science and Technology Park Chain Center, SIBC) held a ceremony at the World Blockchain Conference (Wuzhen). Weng Guohui, general manager of business community development of Kaide Group (China), Felix Xia, co-chairman of New Zealand Digital Economy Development Foundation, Wang Lei, CEO of Babbitt, and Hu Mengdi, co-founder of Babbitt Accelerator, attended the ceremony.

SIBC was founded by Babbitt, Singapore Hangzhou Science and Technology Park and New Zealand Digital Economy Development Foundation. It is committed to providing Singapore with a bridgehead and important node for the Asian blockchain project, providing legal compliance channels and incubation for top international financial technology projects. Accelerated, investment and related industry service support, guiding and promoting the application and development of the global blockchain industry.