Wuzhen site, ZTE Jin Jin, Zheng Jinrong: 5G can provide 5G with the ability to cooperate and promote network construction

Babbitt reported that the "2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen" hosted by Babbitt was held at the Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 8th to 9th. On the afternoon of the 9th, "deciphering the 5G+ blockchain, is it fashionable and practical?" At the roundtable forum, Zheng Jinrong, director of blockchain product planning at Zhongxing District, said that ZTE mainly looks at 5G and blockchain from two perspectives: the first The direction is to use blockchain technology to provide 5G with the ability to collaborate and drive network construction. In the areas of edge computing, network slicing, etc., blockchains can have many applications. For example, I deploy blockchains on edge computing platforms, and blockchains provide non-tamperable information capabilities to provide operators with more Multiple edge calculations for different business scenarios, which provide non-tamperable record information that can be traced back. Its business can be authentic and can be better played. This is the first thing we have seen. It is the use of blockchain technology to promote and assist the direction of 5G network construction. The other direction is that 5G has low latency, high bandwidth and large connectivity. Because such features will bring a lot of new application scenarios, these scenarios may not exist in the 4G era, such as car networking, industrial manufacturing, industrial Internet and new smart cities. The combination of these new application scenarios and blockchains will naturally bring new points of integration, and blockchains can bring a lot of new technological advancements.