Babbitt and QKL123 released "2019 Blockchain Value List"

Babbitt reported that the "2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen" hosted by Babbitt was held at the Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 8th to 9th. On the afternoon of the 9th, Babbitt and QKL123 released the "White Paper on the 2019 Blockchain Value List" and the "2019 Blockchain Value List".
Excellent application of blockchain: Tencent – blockchain electronic invoice, ant gold service – blockchain BaaS platform, Baidu – super chain, Jingdong blockchain – JD Chain, Huawei – Huawei Cloud BCS, micro Public Banks – FISCO BCOS, Anne's shares – copyright owners, public shares – China's trade finance cross-bank trading blockchain platform, interesting chain – based on the blockchain Feiluo supply chain platform, China Ping An – block The most valuable wallet for chain trade financing platform: CoboBitpie-bit, Math Wallet-Wheat Wallet, Tokenpocket-TP Wallet, Imtoken, Kcash, Bitkeep, Bixin-Coin Wallet, Jaxx Wallet, HB Wallet
The most valuable PoW pool:, Antpool-ant mine pool, F2pool-fish pond, Viabtc-microbit, Poolin-coin ink pool, the most valuable Staking platform: HashQuark, HuobiPool-fire coin pool, Cobo, Stakecube , Simple POS Pool
The most valuable cloud computing platform: OXBTC-Niubit, BitDeer-bit deer,, WAYI-Excavation, Genesis-mining
The most insightful discoverers: IDG Capital-IDG Capital, Fenbushi Capital-Distributed Capital, Node Capital-Node Capital, Bitmain-Bit Continental, Andreessen Horowitz, 8decimal Capital-Baby Capital, Huobi-Firecoin SNZ