Poca founder Gavin Wood: Polkadot CC1 will be launched in December

Polkadot founder Gavin Wood said in the community that Polkadot is conducting a final audit. If Kusama is all right and the audit does not find any fatal problems, then the final chain of "Polkadot CC1" should eventually be launched in December. . Like Kusama, Polkadot CC1 is also launched in stages, until the nodes on this chain are stable, and governance development will begin. However, given that most of the nodes are working well on the Kusama network, there should be no major problems on the Polkadot CC1. The most important part – parallel chains, parallel threads, and inter-chain communication will be rolled out after completion and auditing. These features will also be available on Kusama.
In response to the community members, Gavin said that the token DOT can be circulated on Polkadot CC1, and the node can perform staking, but the transaction transfer is not yet possible.