The future of wine and moonlight, the success of BigONE & Mixin Wuzhen mysterious night

On November 9th, during the 2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen Summit, the “Wuzhen Mystery Night” high-end reception hosted by BigONE and Mixin was officially held, with more than 500 participants. BigONE CEO Laotian, BigONE COO Cheng Jun, Mixin founder Feng Xiaodong, CryptoGalaxy CEO William, Chain capital Li Minxiang, EXIN founder Thorb, FOX.ONE founder Lyric attended the event. During the meeting, Laotian focused on BigONE's overall strategy and achievements in safety and integrity. Cheng Jun showed the guests the opportunity to create a new generation of digital asset angel platform AngelONE and the first project Crypto Galaxy. The transcript won the applause. Feng Xiaodong's sharing of the leading technology of Mixin has also been highly recognized by the guests. At the same time, other guests who participated in the event were also sharing on the field in their respective areas of expertise. At the event of Huaguang's colorful and fine wines, the guests not only experienced the beauty of Wuzhen in an inclusive atmosphere, but also enjoyed a feast of ideas for the future of the industry.