Dean of China Financial Reform Institute: People's enthusiasm for blockchain is misled by Bitcoin

At the 10th Caixin Summit in 2019, Liu Shengjun, president of the China Financial Reform Institute, said that the blockchain is currently valued by the central government, but it does not mean that you can earn money by doing blockchain. The challenges of blockchain maturity are speed and efficiency. Second, the policy risks faced in financial applications. The main application scenario of blockchain is the financial sector. Third, many people actually The enthusiasm of the blockchain was misled by Bitcoin. The blockchain should be treated calmly.
Liu Shengjun mentioned that the central bank's digital currency has been discussed by many markets. The logical starting point of the central bank's digital currency and Bitcoin or Libra's decentralization is only to some extent borrowed from the blockchain technology. He believes that the success of the central bank's digital currency is technically no problem. The question is whether it will be welcomed by the market after its launch.