Jianyu Financial Technology Zhu Yudong: The application of digital currency is larger than the bank's e-wallet, which is a digital alternative to banknotes.

Zhu Yudong, deputy general manager of the CCB Financial Technology Innovation Center, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CCB, believes that the nature of the blockchain and the bank is actually credible. The blockchain solves the most important trust problem in financial transactions with its security, reliability and non-tamperability. At present, the society's attention to the blockchain has reached a high level. But in fact, the bank started working on the blockchain a few years ago and gradually applied it in certain areas. Zhu Yudong said that as for digital currency, its application scope is larger than that of the bank's e-wallet. It is a digital alternative to banknotes. In principle, there is no need to bind bank accounts, and the transfer between users and users is as convenient as banknotes.