Head of Research, Comparative magazine: At the central bank level, DC/EP will not adopt blockchain technology.

On November 9th, Economic Observer Online published an article by Chen Yongwei, head of the research department of Comparative magazine, "DC/EP is coming! What exactly will it be?" According to the existing information, at least at the central bank level, the legal digital currency (DC/EP) will not adopt blockchain technology. The main reason is that DC/EP is different from other digital currencies in terms of qualitative and distribution purposes. Bitcoin and other digital currencies use blockchain technology. One of the reasons is to ensure consensus under distributed accounting and thereby guarantee its own currency credit. The DC/EP is the legal currency, and the country itself has a credit guarantee. Naturally, there is no need to do anything more. At the same time, the current blockchain technology is not high in efficiency. In the case of Bitcoin, every transaction requires full network verification and requires a lot of time. This obviously cannot be applied to large-scale transactions.