Li Qiyuan: Every wave of BTC price fluctuations is a bubble that pushes prices further up

Former Bitcoin China CEO Bobby Lee said recently that bitcoin prices are still only a fraction of the value that will be realized in the next few years. He called it a trillion-dollar asset class and expects its price to rise further. Li Qiyuan explained that the price fluctuation of Bitcoin is a wave of waves, each wave is a bubble, pushing the price of bitcoin further. He predicted that there will be several waves of new wave in the next few years, and the price of BTC may rise to between 100,000 and 200,000 US dollars, and eventually even reach 1 million US dollars. He claims that every new bubble will make Bitcoin prices 10 to 20 times higher. He expects this trend to continue. This is why he supports and recommends investing in BTC, and why he has long invested in creating physical wallets.