360 company: has no shareholding relationship with “Net Red Cloud Business” and has already prosecuted its infringement

According to TechWeb, recently, 360 company issued a statement on its official Weibo, saying that some users reported that "Net Red Cloud" had used the name of 360 company and chairman Zhou Hongyi without permission to make false publicity, and claimed that "Net Red Cloud Business" was obtained. 360 company, Zhou Hongyi investment. 360 company solemnly declares that the company and Mr. Zhou Hongyi and the "Net Red Cloud Business" have no equity relationship. At the same time, 360 companies also remind investors to invest cautiously. After receiving the user's reminder, 360 Company has called “Net Red Cloud Business” and issued a letter warning, but “Net Red Cloud Business” has not stopped the infringement. At present, 360 companies have maintained legal rights through industrial and commercial reports, court litigation and other means. It is understood that "Net Red Cloud Business" claims to be a new retail social sharing platform, with "Net Red + Live + Social E-Commerce + New Retail + Blockchain" as its main business. At present, users have questioned their existence of "spoken sales based on blockchain" and "illegal financing".