Core chain HPB announces project return to the community: three co-founders and half of the employees will leave

Danny Rowshandel, general manager of global business development at the High Performance Blockchain (HPB), today announced an open letter in the telegraph group that the core chain project will be changed to community autonomy. He himself announced his resignation from his current position, three co-founders and half full-time The employee has also decided to leave the project. The key points of the open letter are as follows: 1. The core chain project will become community autonomy, and the newly established planning committee will review development proposals and allocate incentives and budgets to promote sustainable ecosystem development. The above committee will reassess all partnerships with external service providers, during which time some partnerships with external service providers are suspended;
2. The telegraph group team no longer manages global business or will have a new team to take over;
3. Changes in the structure and workflow are driven entirely by HPB founder and CEO Wang Xiaoming;
4. The reason for the departure is that the vision for HPB development and the strategy of the organization, the use of funds and the way in which it behaves are no longer consistent with the company's development. The most recent decision in the organization was made without his own consent and without prior notice. Therefore, it was decided to resign as the general manager of global business development.
5. The other three co-founders and half full-time employees of HPB have decided to leave the company. During this decision period, without large-scale labor layoffs, all employees can choose to accept the new organizational structure and become a community contributing member (CCM).