National Password Administration Li Guohai: Promoting the development of commercial password innovation in accordance with the law

Recently, Li Guohai, director of the Office of the State Cryptographic Administration's Office of Secrets, made a special report on how to implement the cryptographic method in the field of commercial cryptography, entitled “Comprehensive implementation of the cryptographic method and the promotion of commercial password innovation development according to law”. He pointed out that the cryptographic method establishes commercial passwords according to law. The working principle, management system, classification method and basic system are the fundamental follow-up of commercial password science management, industrial development, normative application and international cooperation. It is a powerful guarantee for the development of commercial password innovation, and it is scientific, standardized and rule of law for improving password management. It is of great significance to promote the level of cryptography, industrial development and application. The principle of commercial password work is: unified leadership, hierarchical responsibility, innovation and development, overall service, management according to law, and security. The reshaping of the commercial password management model reflects the principle of party management and password, embodies the unity of ensuring the development of security and innovation, and reflects the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council for reducing power and decentralization, combining management and optimizing services, embodying standards leading and strengthening supervision. the rules.