Analysis: Key indicators are reproduced, the altcoin season or coming soon

For most of the history of encryption, the market value of Bitcoin has been above 50%, currently up to 69%. Therefore, many people are expecting the price of the altcoin to rise, thus ushering in another "cotton currency season." Some analysts have compared the previous altcoin currency season with the current trend and found that there are several similarities between the relationship between bitcoin price and the market capitalization of the altcoin. This may mean that another altcoin season is coming. CryptoWolf, a cryptocurrency analyst, recently gave his opinion on this. Related charts show that the most similar periods are August-October 2015 and April-July 2019. During these two periods, bitcoin prices have risen rapidly, and at the same time, the price of the altcoin has also fallen. Since then, the price of Bitcoin has fluctuated within a certain range, and the altcoin has started to rise rapidly. In addition, both of these lows occur in an important support area, and the RSI has been oversold twice. This is the only two RSI oversolds. Combining this with the similarity of BTC price movements, it can be predicted that another altcoin currency season may be coming soon.