April 20th market analysis: step by step, waiting for opportunities

The recent disk is similar to the end of March. Some people are waiting to go long around $4,900. Some people are waiting to short around $5,300, resulting in a vacuum band in the middle.

So will it be like a wave of blasts in early April? I don't think it's a big possibility, at least a half-fold compared to the probability of March. why? Because after a large amount of time from 3,000 US dollars to 4,000 US dollars, the market sentiment is relatively clear; 4000 to 5,000 US dollars is the trend; the difference is that the top 6000 US dollars is an invincible strong pressure belt. It is difficult to break through without a super strong gimmick. It is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for the Air Force to break through now. The multi-military needs to wait, use time to change space, wait until the next hot spot arrives, or wait for half of the market. Approaching.

Lao Yuan believes that the most likely situation is to oscillate and build a large-scale ladder. The turbulence range will not be $4,800 to $5,300. It will change the interval to put the smoke bombs. The approximate range will be around $4,900 to $5,600. Next look at today's disk:

(Source: QKL123 )

The BTC carried out heavy volume processing in the small level of 0.382 (near $5,170). After a full handicap, it stood at $5,200, indicating that the multi-military intends to make a defense around $5,200. Then the price moved to $5,300 and slowed down. It was in the investigation of the enemy's enemy situation. This enemy situation included the empty residual troops and new blood. The overall trend is slightly stronger. It is expected to stand for $5,300 after several trials and then sprint to the new high. Operational recommendations, do more than 5,200 dollars on the dips.

(Source: QKL123 )

ETH once again came to the pressure level, today focused on the gains and losses of 175 dollars, personally think that this will be the first breakthrough. Today's shock range between 170 US dollars and 175 US dollars, the overall performance is strong, so the operation is mainly based on bargain-hunting.

(Source: QKL123 )

EOS is facing a change in the short-term, the amount can be shrunk, the amplitude is close to the sideways, and the recent decline does not lead to the rise. This shows that there is not a full correction in the previous period, resulting in a large selling pressure. In this slightly exhausted state, the top 6-side horizontal side of the top is difficult to break through. Therefore, closely observe the change situation, once it falls, wait patiently for stability; if the change is up, it can be short at 5.9 dollars.

Generally speaking, the general point of view today is that BTC sees shocks. If it oscillates below, it is recommended to do more ETH. If it oscillates above, it is recommended to short EOS.

Yuan Datou's recent trend is based on the futures market, because the bottom model has come out, and the long-term trend is definitely rising. If you look at it for half a year, there is no need for analysis. The spot currency is good.

The above is for reference only, I only do mainstream currency, and the strategy is steady and progressive. The cottage does not understand anything.

Source: Public No.: I am Yuan Datou (Iamyuandatou)

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