Market observation: Bitcoin rebounded weakly, and long and short glued to the position near the daily MA60

BFX.NU research members said today that bitcoin rebounded weakly, trading volume continued to shrink, and continued to oscillate around the daily MA60. Most mainstream currencies followed. In the futures market, the whole network is long and short, Bitcoin overflows about 1.95% in the morning, and the short position still dominates. Among them, the XLM contract rose 3.58% in the day, and the FT contract rose 2.56% in the day, leading the gains. Mainstream currency futures, LTC, BCH, XMR and other 9 contracts, morning Masukura is more obvious, while BSV, EOS, ZEC and other 10 contracts are more obvious; platform currency futures sector, three platform currency contracts, morning OKB, The HT contract showed a slight lightening of the position, while the BNB contract showed a short-term Masukura status, short-term Masukura about 80,000.