Zhou Liang, Vice Chairman of the Bank of China Insurance Supervision: Technology such as blockchain is a tool to serve the needs of mankind.

According to China Securities Network, Zhou Liang, vice chairman of the China Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission, said at the 10th Caixin Summit: Open China and the World on the 10th that at present, the supervision of financial technology is not perfect in laws and regulations. The ability to supervise itself is also a challenge to improve the ability and level of regulation. In the next step, the Bank's Insurance Regulatory Commission will improve relevant rules and systems as soon as possible. Zhou Liang said that innovation is the driving force for human progress, and it is necessary to grasp the dynamic balance between innovation and risk. In recent years, finance and technology have been highly integrated, but technologies such as big data, Internet of Things, blockchain, and artificial intelligence are, in the end, a tool to serve the needs of humanity. The specific supervision depends on whether the enterprise is the essence of finance or the essence of technology. If it is engaged in financial business, it must be fully covered by financial supervision. Zhou Liang said that finance should encourage innovation, but the premise of innovation is safety, and the purpose of innovation should be clear. It is necessary to serve the real economy and meet the needs of people for financial services. If you engage in pseudo-innovation and fake innovations, such as high-interest bait and Ponzi scheme, you must crack down on it.