Chen Chun: It is of great significance to carry out research on the "in-depth application and innovation development of industrial Internet blockchain"

According to China Net News, on November 9, the China Industrial Internet Research Institute organized representatives of relevant universities, research institutions, media and enterprises to hold an "Industrial Internet + Blockchain" expert entrepreneur media symposium in Beijing. The participants held a heated discussion and exchange around the theme of “Industrial Internet + Blockchain Deep Application and Innovation Development”. Chen Chun, a professor at Zhejiang University and a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the blockchain has the technical advantages of credible collaboration and privacy protection, and can be deeply integrated with the industrial Internet, especially in the fields of industrial Internet data confirmation, accountability and transaction. The broad application prospects provide a solid technical foundation for the construction of the national industrial Internet data resource management and service system. The research on “Industrial Internet + Blockchain Deep Application and Innovative Development” is of great significance to promote the digitalization, networking and intelligent transformation of China's industrial production and promote the high-quality development of the real economy.