Yin Hao of Tsinghua University: Blockchain technology is the innovation of the underlying logic of the Internet

According to China Net News, on November 9, the China Industrial Internet Research Institute organized representatives of relevant universities, research institutions, media and enterprises to hold an "Industrial Internet + Blockchain" expert entrepreneur media symposium in Beijing. Professor Yin Hao of Tsinghua University pointed out that the blockchain builds a blockchain data structure that is difficult to forge, difficult to tamper with and traceable through transparent and credible rules. It can reliably record and trace transactions between any two participants. Self-trust, shared openness, and high degree of autonomy are the main features of blockchain technology. The core value is to realize that individual organizations and individuals can improve collaboration efficiency in autonomous manner under the rules of unified consensus through technical means. Blockchain technology is an innovation in the underlying logic of the Internet, and it is expected to transform the "communication-centric" Internet into a future information technology infrastructure with "computing storage as the core".