Zhidu shares set up a subsidiary to re-lay the blockchain and invested in Bitland

On the evening of November 10, Zhidu shares issued an announcement on foreign investment and related party transactions. The announcement shows that Zhidu shares and Shanghai Ruiding Rongrong Investment Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ruiding Rongrong”) jointly established a joint venture company. That is, Beijing Zhidu Zhixing Technology Co., Ltd. (tentative name), with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. According to the announcement, Zhidu is a mobile Internet company focusing on Internet media business and digital marketing business. In recent years, the company has been paying attention to the development of blockchain, digital finance and other industries and technologies, and set up a special research group. Blockchain technology is applied in the fields of digital marketing, digital finance, and intelligent manufacturing to conduct preliminary research and explore the feasibility of landing in related fields. In 2018, it will invest in Bitland to complete the investment layout in related industries. Since October 10, the concept of blockchain has been caught up. The share price of Zhidu shares has risen sharply. On November 8, the closing price of Zhidu shares was 9.45 yuan/share, which was higher than the closing price of 5.93 yuan/share on October 9. Nearly 60%.