Ma Yun: Young people learn to use digital technology will succeed, blockchain technology is more and more important

Recently, at the Kharkiv State University in Ukraine, Ma Yun mentioned the digitization stage and blockchain technology, indicating that in the future only digital and non-digital countries, blockchain technology is becoming more and more important. Ma Yun said that in the past century we have divided the country into developed countries and developing countries. In the future, only digital countries and non-digital countries benefit from the development of IT technology and the industrial revolution. Some countries are rich and many countries are still in poverty. stage. In the digital phase, countries that seize digital opportunities will rise, and countries that miss will decline. Young people learn to use digital technology to succeed, and those who don't have the technology will have trouble, so digital technology is very important. Talking about blockchain technology, Ma said that the technology is becoming more and more important to solve privacy and security issues. In the future, blockchain technology may solve many problems. Our country has been developing for many years; I believe this technology is not to make you make more money, but to protect your privacy and data security.