What is the current status of the blockchain industry? What do experts think? Which industries are the most beneficial? The answer is here!

Article source: The original title of the Securities Daily: "What is the current status of the blockchain industry? What do experts think? Which industries are the most beneficial? The answer is here! " Author: Xing Meng, Xutian Xiao, Xu Yiming

The China Information and Communication Research Institute released the "Blockchain White Paper (2019)" published in Beijing on the 8th, saying that global blockchain technology innovation is active. In terms of patents, "the global patent layout continues to expand, and China has a significant proportion."

This is the second time that China Telecomtsu has issued a white paper on blockchain. According to the white paper, as of July 25, 2019, the number of applications for global blockchain patents was as high as 18,000. From 2015 to 2018, the number of applications has increased rapidly year by year, and the speed of patent applications has slowed down in 2019.

China still maintains a rapid growth trend, accounting for more than half of the global patent applications, more than three times the US patent application. Among the global blockchain patent application agencies TOP20, Alibaba, China Unicom and other applications ranked first and fifth among the world's forefront.

The white paper also said that in terms of patent licensing, although China's current blockchain patent applications rank first, most of them are in the review stage, and most of the granted patents are utility models and marginal patents. By the end of 2018, there were 771 blockchain invention patents in the world, and only 53 in China.

In terms of open source, more and more foreign companies are beginning to join the development and contribution of blockchain source code. From 2010 to 2018, a company and individual cooperation development ecology centered on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Superbook, and Ruibo. China has also appeared in Baidu's super chain, Jingdong's JD China, and Weizhong Bank's FISCO BCOS and other independent technology platforms, but it has not formed an international influence. The country has not yet formed a good development ecology.

The white paper proposes to promote synergies and strengthen key research; pay close attention to domestic and international technological developments, accelerate the development of core key technologies including consensus mechanisms, cryptography, interoperability, and privacy protection; support and foster open source software, build soft The ecosystem of hardware collaborative development.

Liu Quan: The blockchain technology of “C-side is not feeling” is quietly integrated into the lives of the people.

How far is the blockchain from the lives of ordinary people? Which blockchain model is suitable for domestic development? With these questions, the "Securities Daily" reporter interviewed the blockchain talent expert think tank expert (blockchain talent expert think tank belongs to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Talent Exchange Center Block Chain Industry Talent Research Institute, the institute is committed to building blockchain industry Liu Ren, dean of the CCID Block Research Institute, is engaged in talent research, cultivation, evaluation, and service.

Blockchain technology began to come to the people and gradually integrate into social life

"Securities Daily": In recent years, there has been no illegal behavior in the society to illegally raise funds with the blockchain banner, which has increased the misunderstanding of the blockchain equivalent to digital currency. How do you think that blockchain knowledge education should be popularized?

Liu Quan : Blockchain is not equal to digital currency, and digital currency is only the application of blockchain. In short, blockchain is the infrastructure for building network trust. It has a decentralized data structure, blockchain fusion encryption algorithm, consensus mechanism, P2P transmission technology and many other mature computer technologies. The blockchain subtly combines these techniques and explores a whole new way of using them.

In terms of popularity, the biggest problem at present is that ordinary people do not understand what is a “blockchain” because this emerging vocabulary is quite abstract and difficult to use analogies with existing technologies or solutions. In terms of universal education, on the one hand, it needs the promotion of government departments; on the other hand, it needs the application of “killer” in the market, such as: WeChat, Alipay, to achieve universal participation, universal application, understanding the blockchain in the process of use. technology. By combining "top-down" and "bottom-up", blockchain technology can be quickly popularized. "Securities Daily": From the perspective of social life, a new generation of information technology, such as artificial intelligence, has gradually integrated into the family work and gradually changed our way of life. For the blockchain, it feels far from our lives. How far do you think the blockchain will go into daily life?

Liu Quan : In fact, the blockchain technology has come to our side to a certain extent. Many companies have already launched blockchain applications that ordinary people can use. For example, Tencent’s blockchain electronic invoices launched in Shenzhen, according to Tencent’s official data. As of the end of October this year, the blockchain electronic invoices exceeded 10 million, the number of access enterprises exceeded 7,600, and the invoiced amount exceeded 7 billion yuan. The application scenarios include banks, supermarkets, pharmacies, properties, and subway taxis. There are many similar applications, such as: Jingdong's fresh traceability, seafood, fruit, meat products can achieve blockchain traceability; and Beijing Internet Court explores the blockchain field, blockchain evidence Curing and forensics.

It can be said that the blockchain has slowly integrated into society. However, the blockchain is a "C-endless" technology because it is the underlying technology. From the application layer, it is difficult for users to intuitively feel the changes brought by the blockchain. But I believe that with the rapid spread of blockchain technology, ordinary people will eventually get used to its existence and become one of the essential basic technologies.

Blockchain industry track alliance chain has more advantages

"Securities Daily": As a well-known evaluation agency, the CCID Block Research Institute has conducted professional evaluations on the public chain and the alliance chain. Please briefly introduce and combine the actual situation in the country. Which model do you think is more developmental advantage?

Liu Quan : At present, the CCID Research Institute of the CCID mainly conducts the evaluation of the public chain and the alliance chain. The CCID Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index has been released 14 times since its launch in April last year. The main purpose of the index is to pay attention to the progress of global public chain technology innovation and provide a basis for China to formulate relevant policies for blockchain development. In the global blockchain field, we will grasp the blockchain technology innovation and evaluate the right to speak. The evaluation system adopts the “ABC model” and examines each public chain from three levels: Basic-tech, Applicability and Creativity. The alliance chain evaluation is the CCID United China Software Testing Center. Co-developed technical assessment services, comprehensive field testing of alliance chain products from 8 fields of data operation, account management, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm, intelligent contract, performance efficiency, node management, operation and maintenance management, and 32 detection items. . At present, the blockchains of more than 20 units such as Beijing Internet Court and Huawei are evaluated by the Institute.

Regarding the choice of public chain and alliance chain, I think the alliance chain has more advantages. The reason is that in addition to decentralization, the alliance chain can guarantee the security of data on the chain. In the current era, privacy protection and data regulation are the focus of governments. Although the public chain can participate in the whole people, the security of data cannot be guaranteed. There is a serious possibility of data theft and abuse. This is also the reluctance of the regulatory authorities. Arrived. The alliance chain can achieve the supervision of data flow to a certain extent, so as to meet the needs of supervision. "Securities Daily": According to the data of CCID Block Chain Research Institute, in the first half of 2019, the number of patents in blockchains opened by China exceeded 3,000, and many companies such as Alibaba and Ping An were the main force contributing to patents. What changes might happen to the blockchain industry after the head office enters the market?

Liu Quan : The early development of the blockchain presented a “barbaric growth” model. In the absence of national top-level design and planning, blockchain explorers tried from various angles, such as the underlying technology and solutions. But overall, the industry model is chaotic and mixed, and the new company is coming fast and going fast.

Now, with the policy, the development of China's blockchain has a direction, and the entry of the head enterprises has gradually brought the development of the industry on the right track, relying more on their strong ecology to explore the “blockchain+”. The practical application of this technology is “de-realistic” and is truly used by society and the public. On the whole, enterprises engaged in the research and development and application design of the underlying technology of the blockchain will have better living space, and the blockchain will be more closely integrated with the real economy.

Zheng Lei: Blockchain service entity economy should cooperate with other technologies to play "combination boxing"

The final scenario in which new technologies are widely used is to empower the real economy. As a representative of new technologies, how will the blockchain be deeply integrated with the real economy? The "Securities Daily" reporter interviewed the global financial technology laboratory (by Shenzhen Jude Sharing Technology Laboratory Co., Ltd., the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) Institute of Advanced Finance, the People's University of China International Money Institute co-founded) expert consultant Zheng Lei Dr., and asked him to express his views on how to correctly understand the relationship between blockchain and digital currency, and how the blockchain integrates with the physical industry.

"Securities Daily": Many people know that the blockchain is derived from "digital cryptocurrency". Does this cognition have a big deviation from the blockchain? How should we view the impact of blockchain on economic development?

Zheng Lei : The blockchain technology has not yet formed, which has caused some controversy. For example, some people think that only digital cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin will be the mature application of blockchain technology. This static view of technological progress is not enough. of. “Digital cryptocurrency” is only the application of the initial stage of blockchain technology (1.0). Blockchain technology is difficult to fix as a technology, and there are similar technologies accumulated before, but its core features of distributed and decentralized will require the existing technology to be iteratively upgraded and will gradually promote the society to form a new one. Lower cost production relationship. Because of its advanced nature, this kind of production relationship will inevitably further promote the rapid development of productivity. This is the real power of the blockchain.

With the development of related technologies, the technology of blockchain will be iterated, and the mature technology in the future may not be the same as it is now. And with the evolution of technology, the application scenario of blockchain will not only be limited to the financial sector, but will also penetrate into more real economic fields. This is the meaning of “blockchain+”, that is, the application of blockchain technology The operation of the real economy.

I specifically mentioned in the book "Blockchain + Times" that the combination of blockchain and other financial technology, such as blockchain and big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, etc., is The extension of "blockchain +" is included. For example, blockchain + artificial intelligence can empower the Internet; blockchain + big data makes personal data truly become a digital asset and wealth owned by individuals; blockchain + cloud computing makes blockchain a variety of services and infrastructure , greatly expanded the scope of cloud services. Let 5G quantum computing accelerate the blockchain, we will enter the "blockchain + era", an era that truly realizes personal value and social prosperity. "Securities Daily": Since the birth of the blockchain, there have been many incidents of suspending its name for illegal financial activities. How should we promote the healthy development of the blockchain industry?

Zheng Lei : Blockchain technology can help the economy to develop from the virtual reality and the service entity. However, it is necessary to prevent the speculation of "a swarm of bees" from resurging. The consensus that the blockchain can serve the real economy will take some time to establish, and the “hype consensus” has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. This is the biggest risk of this blockchain development. The government should guide and innovate in this field and properly supervise it so that the blockchain can steadily advance on the road of tolerance and freedom of science and technology, serving the people's livelihood and strengthening the social trust mechanism.

"Securities Daily": What changes will the blockchain expect to bring to the media industry?

Zheng Lei : The blockchain records data information in a non-tamperable public account by means of distributed accounting. All users can enjoy authentic and reliable information. This technology not only helps the creative industry to confirm the rights, circulation, and retroactive transactions, but also greatly promotes the production, dissemination, and content realization, revenue sharing, and content supervision.

The use of blockchains for news production can make the news production distribution process flatter. Blockchain technology enables content producers to directly price content through smart contracts, obtain rewards and content subscription fees, and form a new type of The form of content payment mobilizes the enthusiasm of content producers. The use of blockchains can also increase feedback efficiency, enabling accurate docking of information users through distributed databases, enabling media practitioners to re-architect reporting patterns and content to provide more accurate and efficient information services to demanders. It is not far away to realize the collaborative sharing of news clues, the sharing of news clues, and the real-time communication between the front and rear of the media on the blockchain network of the media, and to build a transparent “pipeline” work collaboration platform.

China's blockchain patent applications rank among the world's top four related industries

On November 8, the 2nd World Blockchain Conference was officially opened at the Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center in Zhejiang Province, China. The theme of the conference was “Application Unbounded”. The conference brought together more than 100 experts and scholars in the global blockchain, digital assets, AI, 5G fields, technical geeks, opinion leaders, and founders of popular projects around the blockchain. The application of landing, technology frontiers, industry trends and hot issues will be explored, enabling ecological innovation and evolution of blockchain.

In order to better promote the healthy development of the blockchain industry, the organizer Babbitt and the guests jointly launched the "2019 Wuzhen Blockchain Declaration" , said that they will actively respond to the government's call, focus on the application of the blockchain, and vigorously promote the blockchain. Technology empowers the real economy, accelerates the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation, will take the lead in resolutely opposing the pyramid currency, oppose the air currency, oppose the pseudo-application of the blockchain banner; and follow the false concept of falsehood.

Analysts said that the accelerated development of blockchain and related industries has led the world to run into the "blockchain economy era", and more mature applications are accelerating.

On the news front, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has promoted the development of blockchain. The “Reply to the No. 1394 Recommendation of the Second Session of the 13th National People’s Congress” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on November 4 disclosed the relevant suggestions made by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology . The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pointed out in the "Reply" that "our Ministry attaches great importance to the development of next-generation information technology such as blockchain and industrial Internet, and the relevant departments such as the Union Banking Supervision and Supervision Commission actively take measures to promote research, technology research and development and application promotion of related industries." It will actively promote the healthy and orderly development of blockchain, including: first, strengthening blockchain planning and guidance; second, establishing and perfecting blockchain standard system; third, accelerating the application of industry.

The industry believes that after the introduction of the new policy in the blockchain, local enterprises will quickly follow up and learn. The listed companies will further deepen their understanding of the blockchain. It is expected that the future will be aimed at various application scenarios and various blockchain core technologies. Will follow up.

It is worth noting that on November 8, China Information and Communication Research Institute released the White Paper on Blockchain (2019) in Beijing. According to statistics from the white paper, the number of applications for global blockchain patents is currently over 18,000, and China accounts for more than half of the total, ranking first in the world.

Which industries are currently the main blockchain technologies? The "Securities Daily" reporter found out by combing the research report.

First, IT system integration and services: system integration and service provider integration software, system design and application, cloud and other IT services, extending the original capabilities to the blockchain field, developing blockchain technology and related services;

Second, software development: It is not easy to build an autonomous and controllable blockchain platform from the bottom layer, and providing solutions based on the existing underlying platform is relatively easy to implement in the short term. Therefore, the software developers here mainly refer to application software. Based on the open source blockchain development platform, software developers develop blockchain applications for specific business processes to provide solutions for customers in vertical applications;

The third is IT consulting: IT consulting companies will expand their business scope to the blockchain field, supporting the layout of blockchain technology in the vertical field;

Fourth, integrated circuits: In the short term, virtual currency such as bitcoin is still the most important application of blockchain technology. The business related to mining and mining will benefit the integrated circuit manufacturing and packaging and testing industries. Related concept stocks are Hang Seng Electronics, Guangdian Express, Easy View Shares, Sifang Jingchuang, Hailian Jinhui, etc.

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