April 20th market analysis: BTC shocks, when can we stimulate the market to do more enthusiasm

Before we always thought that the market should be walking on two legs, one is the platform currency led by BNB plus two protection methods HT and OKB, plus one model currency, the other is the mainstream currency led by BTC. However, we have seen that the current market has gone far and the other leg is still in place. This is not in line with our original expectations. At present, BNB has reached a record high, but the two major defenders have not been able to achieve the recent new high. It’s farther away from the historical high. If BNB creates a new high-heeled model currency, then at least two big guards should follow a new high, but we’ve seen the current trend, which shows the new high of BNB. It is the intention of the funds, and has little to do with the model currency. Now it is more like a lonely warrior. Only when it is suspected of life can it be freed.


BTC stands for popularity and heat. Only it can drive the heat of the whole market. Its role is not to replace small fish and shrimp. But we can't see a breakthrough in this target. We have redrawn a track line. At present, this track line has a breakdown trend, but it has quickly recovered to the trend line. This track line has been running for a while, and the reliability is still relatively strong. We believe that the target is nothing more than a shock. It is recommended that you do not operate. The shock city is very judgeable. When the trend is clear and the operation is still urgent, we think that the target will continue to run in the track line, or That sentence has no substantial pressure on the 5000-5900 US dollars, only the pressure in the heart.


ETH does not have an independent trend. Most of them follow BTC. We always think that the prevalence of platform coins and model coins is a kind of harm to the target. They are now a competitive relationship. The advantage of platform coins is obvious. At present, ETH seems to have no way to fight back. The power, then we will see how the target will break, and then decide whether we want to operate the target. We are currently waiting to see, and in order to break through the pressure of 175 US dollars, there is a need to step back to 166 US dollars.


XRP generally shows a unique pull-up when the big market is about to end, in order to highlight its unique temperament. At present, the target has not yet seen a sharp rise, which also indicates that the current market is safe. The current 1-hour K-line chart shows that the target has now fallen below the support of $0.33, and there is a need to step back to $0.32, paying attention to the support of the point.


This hot topic has not been able to pull BCH up. This shows that the target is not hot. The current support is at $290. If it falls below $290, the location of $248 is expected to be broken. We think it will fall to the support level of $227, and if it breaks through $336, it will be bullish to $430.


LTC is still in the tank shock of 75-85 US dollars, down the bottom of the $75 box, it may step back to 62 US dollars, this point can be low-suction, up to 85 dollars can be aggressive, but Breakthrough needs to be heavy, and once again, it will attack the 100-dollar integer mark again.

The uptrend line under EOS EOS is strong. At present, the target has almost become a straight line. Observe who is the first to force the long and short sides. If the price breaks above 5.6 USD, it will be bullish to 5.9 USD. If it falls below the uptrend line below, it will be bearish. $4.40.


BNB's current market capitalization ranks 7th. The first few people don't work hard. It is estimated that they will be overtaken one by one. The trend of the target is unpredictable and cannot be understood. You said that it is the reason for the model currency. Upswing, the mainstream currency is only shocking, only the target is self-defeating, and it has already broken through the historical high. It is reasonable to say that the upside is open, but we still feel that the trend of the target is like the intention of funds, and we cannot see that it will rise to Where, so we only use the target as a reference.

This article data source: QKL123

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