The Werewolf Kill in the Currency Circle: Nakamoto's Prophet, is CSW a werewolf?

Fame and fortune is addictive.

The currency circle is a naked Vanity Fair.

When the fire of the stars in the blockchain just ignited, an economist named Don Tapscott wrote the book titled "The Blockchain Revolution". The slogan of the blockchain revolution rang in the north and south, the Internet circle and the financial circle. Everyone is eager to take a share, lest they miss the slogan and be taken advantage of by others.

People from all corners of the country gathered together. The people on the field laughed and laughed. The men were very well-dressed, and the women’s flowers and flowers were radiant. The so-called scenery behind the scenes was not dirty or sad. This glamorous and behind is actually hiding the murderous machine. May fall into the abyss and break the bones.

The people in the currency circle are different in color. Different people correspond to the different identity cards of the werewolf. It is difficult to see who is a good person and who is a werewolf. Sometimes, even if you carefully observe it, you will not be able to identify it. Can not escape the situation of being harvested by werewolves.

Those who know how to know know that the concept of blockchain stems from the core technology of Bitcoin. Nakamoto Satoshi, who created Bitcoin, has never seen it. After Bitcoin is on the right track, it disappears. Nakamoto has created a bitcoin in the forefront of the world, as if he could see the future, just like a prophet.

Until 2015, there were media reports that Australian Craig Wright (CSW) was the founder of Bitcoin, Nakamoto, and then CSW publicly claimed that he was Nakamoto, but in any case he had to show the strongest evidence. Self-certification allows the world to believe, and the most favorable evidence is the signature of the Bitcoin founding block.

On May 2, 2016, billionaire Calvin Ayre contacted the BBC, the Economist and GQ magazine to showcase the status of CW's “Zhong Ben Cong” to the world. CSW also promised to present the original signature and the founding block on this day. match.

CSW's self-confidence makes many people almost believe that he is Sakamoto Satoshi, but the irony is that CSW failed, he tried to fool the past, but failed to pass the encrypted community geek geek, and he has been criticized by the community. The play is called Ao Bencong.

Today, in the encryption community, there are still a group of people who don’t know the truth. They always believe that CSW is Nakamoto Satoshi, and there is no brain to follow. It is said that the CSV-led BSV is the real bitcoin. The facts speak louder than words. Evidence of fraud by CSW was specifically compiled and published online at

If you use English to search for CW fake PGP keys in Google, you will see the media reports at the time.

The BSV community has always had a good talk about CSW, saying that there was a young man who asked Twitter on Twitter to ask the biggest proposal for young people. CSW returns:

"Never waste a day nor an opportunity to learn and read and try and fail and try again until you get it right! Never waste every day, every opportunity to learn, read, try to fail, try again, until you do it right Now!

CSW said it is good, very good, but this does not cover his stains, because he has been claiming that he is Nakamoto, and that other bitcoin developers who violate his will not develop real bitcoins. The dictatorship is not the style of Nakamoto, nor the concept of blockchain.

If Aberdeen is playing a clear wolf card, then the billionaire Calvin Ayre can be counted as a wolf teammate hidden behind his back. Calvin funded him when CSW was the poorest. Calvin has no current CSW.

Although CSW is the chief scientist at nChain, CSW is not a shareholder and director of the company, and all the patents applied by CSW are in the company name. What he did was whether he applied for a large number of patents or later forked BCH. The ultimate beneficiary is Calvin.

Many of the big names do not represent themselves, but the community of interests behind them. It is precisely because of these different interests communities that different groups and factions are formed. The most typical example is that the implementation of the lightning network actually reduces the miners. The income, then the miners are naturally dissatisfied, and finally split bitcoin.

Of course, not everyone's actions are for their immediate interests. For example, the CZ of the CSW was bombarded a few days ago. The BSV will definitely reduce some income for the currency, but the currency can give up these things. Some things that are good for the industry, things like this are really valuable, dare to be the best in the world, and the currency can have today's achievements. This pattern is part of its success.

A great man said: "The eyes of the masses are sharp when needed, but most of the time they don't know the truth. " And now is the time for everyone to polish their eyes. Many people don't understand what happened in the past. But it can't be blinded all the time. Just like a werewolf killing, as long as the good guys see the situation, they can unanimously launch the game.

The evil wolf is of course far more than this. Yang Linke said in a circle of friends: "The biggest problem in the whole industry now is that everyone is ignoring each other. Most of the projects can't be put on the ground, which leads to the fund marketing through the concept of blockchain. If you don't create value for the world, then there is no point at all."

In the past, the Ai Xiou project can be crazyly circulated with a white paper. Now the IEO can also be madly financed by virtue of the exchange. The former is the trouble of the troubles of the troubles and the rights of the people. Now, not only the project side, but also the exchange, and the mutual hype will not have a good result.

Fundamental things deserve to be shared by all.

Author: currency ring big cat