Professor of Central University of Finance and Economics: Using blockchain to manage blockchain and actively promote blockchain industry autonomy

Deng Jianpeng, a professor at the School of Law of the Central University of Finance and Economics, said that to guide the safe and orderly development of the blockchain, it is necessary to first establish standards and define what kind of blockchain is compliant. In addition, actively promote legal coding. “The blockchain itself is some code. When the code is developed and compiled, the relevant departments can issue some guidelines to properly code some legal elements or elements into the code when compiling the code. Inside, to achieve legal coding, chain chain, blockchain chain to manage the blockchain, so that law enforcement personnel do not need to additionally supervise the blockchain." In addition, Deng Jianpeng also believes that it is necessary to actively promote the autonomy of the blockchain industry, allow industry associations to formulate governance regulations, and then consider the formulation of relevant laws and regulations on the basis of governance regulations.