CITIC Construction Investment: Focus on the changes brought by the new wave of blockchain industry

According to the CIC Research Report, the application scenarios of China's alliance chain are growing rapidly. We pay attention to the development of industrial blockchain not only because blockchain technology will trigger the fourth industrial revolution wave together with AI and IoT, but more importantly, it will pay attention to the infrastructure and organizational relationship triggered by the blockchain in the process of gradually transforming the industry. Through the reform of social order, we can foresee that some traditional industries will lose their competitive advantage in this round of change, and their products will lose their competitiveness and monopoly power, and with the blockchain technology and business model innovation, With new faucets stand out, we eagerly embrace the development of the industrial blockchain and see the model revolution that this technology has triggered or is about to trigger. It also reminds investors and industry colleagues to pay attention to the changes brought about by this wave of new wave.