Coin Safety Contract Director: Launching 125 times leverage is in line with customer needs; “pins” are not unique to the currency circle.

On November 11th, Aaron Gong, director of Binance Futures, said in an exclusive interview with Odaily Planet Daily that the coin security contract has 125 times leverage to follow the customer's demand and enlarge the leverage multiple. This number is also measured by 125 times, including users who use leverage in the market, preferences, thresholds for the highest risks, etc., not the result of a brainstorm. At present, most users still choose the interval below 100 times. There is also a limit to the use of 125 times the leverage, the nominal value of the position can be opened 125 times below the nominal value of 50,000 US dollars. For the occasion of "pins" in encrypted exchanges, it means that "pins" are not unique to the currency circle, and this behavior will also occur in mature markets in the United States. For example, on May 6, 2010, the US Dow Jones index was pinned, and the short-term plunged nearly a thousand points. From the exchange level, what we can do is to design a better risk control system. When this extreme market happens, it can protect the interests of users to the greatest extent.