Coinbase's research on Monroe and ASIC algorithms has been objected to by the community

On November 11th, Coinbase recently issued a document "How Coinbase views PoW security" and was objectioned by the Monroe community. The article proposes: 1. Mining operations are the main application of mining hardware for specific currencies, which is a security feature; 2. ASIC-friendly algorithms will improve manufacturing and ownership diversity. The latter mentioned that ASIC resistance algorithms increase barriers to entry into the mining hardware market. "This resistance has led to a more concentrated mining hardware manufacturing industry, and this is what the ASIC resistance algorithm hopes to avoid! Instead, the goal should be to choose an algorithm that is cheap and easy to manufacture ASICs. When developers choose ASIC resistance algorithms, they Providing a competitive moat for chip developers will eventually build an ASIC for their algorithms.” The article cites a case study of Monroe's six-month adjustment algorithm and commented that this strategy “may generate more concentration than mining companies. More serious risks." The article was attacked by the Reddit Monroe community. Community administrator dEBRUYNE pointed out that although the six-month upgrade strategy is “effectively criticized”, it has actually been “outdated” since March, as the RandomX upgrade is just around the corner. “This statement is a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of mining. Mining follows the power law, which means that regardless of the algorithm, a small group of miners will have most of the computing power (think 80/20 rule).”