Cai Kailong: Wuzhen World Blockchain Conference 10 points summary, my round table is so hot that "almost hit"

Author: Cai Kailong

The two-day Wuzhen Second World Blockchain Conference ended with the theme of “Application Unbounded”, which explored the application of blockchain, technology frontiers, industry trends and hot issues, and caused widespread concern at home and abroad.

Uncle Kay participated in the whole process from beginning to end, sharing some tips:

1. Unprecedented industry event : hundreds of domestic and foreign guests, more than 4,000 listeners, 8 main venues, more than 10 small venues, N small Meetup cocktail parties. Uncle Kay is everywhere, and he is a bit overwhelmed.

2. The BATH Grand Factory was all present and took their own explorations and achievements on the blockchain , which attracted attention.

3. There is no official leadership. It may be that the 1025 leadership speech and the meeting interval are too short to be arranged, and it is possible that leaders at all levels are more cautious and afraid to participate. However, there are also benefits. The whole market is full of dry goods, and there is no such time to read the speeches and waste valuable time in the currency circle.

4. Libra and the central bank's digital currency remain the focus of attention . The round table that Uncle Kay participated in is the most popular round table at this summit. Uncle Kai likes to be everywhere, and he picks up a number of tipping points, which sparks the spark of the audience. Netizens commented on "almost hit" and "the most interesting and interesting round table ever seen since the industry". You can go to Babbitt to watch the playback video or text link (there is a tailoring, you know).

Viewer circle of the audience

5. The exchange is clearly in the dark, you chase me . Domestic currency security, fire money and currency security are relatively low-key, and Biki and Matcha, which are chasing afterwards, are relatively high-profile. Most of the exchanges are held by the exchanges, and the exchanges are the most profitable.

6. The public chain and the underlying technology have been paid attention to, and a special field has been set up for the underlying technology public chain. A lot of excellent new and old public chain teams have come, and Kai uncle has encountered several old people who have been married for a long time.

7. DeFi has become a new favorite. The conference has set up a special session for decentralized finance. Uncle Kai recently studied DeFi, and took the time to study hard. He knows a lot of DeFi rookies, and the prospect of DeFi can be expected.

8. Academic research institutions are highly enthusiastic. Kai is now an academic research institution. He is very pleased to see the active participation of peers and explore the forefront of the combination of theory and practice. During the period, there was a special block of university students' blockchains. Kai Shu passed by and took a look. The audience was full, and hundreds of college students discussed hard-core technology issues there, hoping to become the industry leader in the future.

9. Launched the "2019 Wuzhen Blockchain Declaration":

In order to better promote the healthy development of the blockchain industry, the organizer Babbitt and the guests jointly launched the "2019 Wuzhen Blockchain Declaration", said that they will actively respond to the government's call, focus on the application of the blockchain, and vigorously promote the blockchain. Technology empowers the real economy, accelerates the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation, will take the lead in resolutely opposing the pyramid currency, oppose the air currency, oppose the pseudo-application of the blockchain banner; and follow the false concept of falsehood.

"2019 Wuzhen Blockchain Declaration "

10. The coin curse " everything will fall" once again appeared . Bitcoin fell from 9300 to 8700 on the day of the meeting. There are online dramas: " Investors who decentralized assets, watching a large group of people gather together seems to be cutting them. The leek was so panicked and divested ." It seems a bit reasonable, but Kai uncle thinks this is the normal replenishment after the big news gap in the early stage. What do you think?

Finally, remind everyone, this season to Wuzhen to keep warm, especially at night is really too cold, frozen Kay into a dog, and now still caught a cold.

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