Last week, the index on the bitcoin chain rallied, and the average value of the seven-day calculations rebounded slightly.

According to Tokenview data, last week (2019.11.4-11.10) bitcoin chain index fell back, the average value of computing power rebounded slightly. The number of daily active addresses on the 7th was 692,462 ‬, down 1.71% from the previous month; the number of new addresses was 371,328, up 4.21% from the previous month; the number of transactions per day on the 7th was 293,085, down 2.84% from the previous month. The average value of force was 93.4 EH/s, which was 2.52% higher than the previous month. The number of Bitcoin active addresses reached a recent high on November 6, and then fell back. The bitcoin price trend also showed a certain degree of correction during the same period. The two showed a certain correlation.