Analyst: Bitcoin will maintain $8,000 before the next halving, at least $2.9 billion

Tuant Demeester, founding partner of Adamant Capital, said on Twitter that it is about 200 days away from the next bitcoin blockchain reward, if you want Bitcoin to remain above $8,000 until the next block reward is halved. The market needs at least 2.88 billion US dollars of capital inflows, in order to offset the deflationary effects of the new production of bitcoin into the system. Tuur Demeester also introduced his own calculation method. He averaged 144 blocks per day, and each block received 12.5 BTC. Each BTC price was $8,000 and multiplied by 200 days. Tuur Demeester believes that even if we assume that bitcoin investment growth is always constant, halving the block reward means that the number of new bitcoins placed on the market will decrease, and the resulting sales pressure will also lead to price increases.